Help Schools Increase Enrollment & Improve Retention

We’re a small, agile team that specializes in helping schools with their Digital Marketing. If you’re a school looking to increase web-generated enrollments, we can help! To sum it up, we help schools utilize the online space to attract and convert nearby families to increase enrollments.

Student enrollment & retention is the most crucial need for your school. Your school would not be able to operate without your students. Your school, along with your students, can increase the impact you have within your community. The problem we've seen with many schools, is a lack of an effective, efficient, & trackable marketing strategy that returns an ROI.

Increasing competition among schools have shown us that it's increasingly important for administrators to focus on a complete Digital Marketing strategy specific to your school. A complete strategy that's actually trackable and returns a ROI for your school. The key that many schools seem to lack is a way to TRACK their results.

We Can Help You...

Academia Digital Marketing partners with schools like yours to provide a trackable Digital Marketing strategy to help increase your enrollment, improve your retention, & develop a unique school brand.

The 3 Step Process

1. Pre-Qualify:
Prior to starting a relationship, we require that you fill out our 'Strategic Planning Session Questions' or have a 15-30 minute call to make sure we're a good fit to work together. We want to make sure we get to know and understand your school before we start our relationship. Once we validate your school and that we could help YOU succeed, we'll proceed with a Strategic Planning Session.

2. Strategic Planning Session:
Strategic planning sessions include a number of in-depth questions focusing on your objectives. Focusing on several key points: about your school, what your process is, where your school is heading, what's not working, and what your most important objectives are. Then we curate a detailed implementation plan for you, to most importantly achieve your objectives along with the investment required.

3. Deliver, Manage, & Optimize:
Once the Strategic Planning Session is completed, and both sides come to the conclusion that we're are a good fit, we dive right in and assess the situation. Next is all about outlining specific tactics and strategies aimed at attaining your goals and the expectations you should have. Then we go about executing, managing, and optimizing the agreed upon action plan. We consistently measure the effect our implementation plan is having to confirm we are on par with our objectives. We will pivot when needed and advise on recommendations to ensure your success.

We Believe…

  • In being transparent, even if it's something you might not want to hear.
  • In treating our clients as partners... not paychecks. 
  • In talking with you and understanding your school's objectives.
  • In understanding your goals and creating strategies that will work best for your school.
  • In making online marketing simple for you to understand, but let RESULTS and your ROI speak for themselves.
  • In RESULTS... 110%. If we aren't getting you results, we don't deserve your business.
  • In your mission... we only work with schools we feel share the same values we believe in.
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