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Why Schools Should Use Facebook Ads

Have you dismissed the importance of Facebook paid advertisements for your school?
Here's why schools need to be using Facebook Ads.

As a school looking for enrollments, you're appealing to a limited niche. Your audience is mostly parents (mainly women) with kids or young adults,  they have a certain level of income, and may be of a certain age bracket.

If you're already paying for online ads, you're on the right track. That said, there's another audience that you're missing. This one is comprised of millions of users with more joining every single day.

We're talking, of course, about Facebook.

Schools who want to reach their target demographic (parents or young adults) can use Facebook Ads to meet their goals.

Still not convinced? Here are some great reasons for schools to use Facebook Ads.

Facebook Is a Visual Medium

Schools are all about education.

Prospective patients want to see what your school has to offer. Then they'll review your school and decide if your school is right for them.

Facebook is image and video-heavy. You can create an entire gallery of videos and photos from your school on your Facebook Business Page. You can use these visuals in your ads.

A powerful visual in an ad will get people's attention, even if it doesn't always convert.

When marketing towards an audience that may want to enroll into your school, a strong visual campaign will increase the likelihood of an enrollment.

Detailed Demographic Information

In marketing, demographics are extremely crucial.

It determines who you're marketing to. In this case, you want to aim your ads at parents, women tend to engage and convert better, who have kids that are age eligible to enroll at your school.

These parents may be parents of kids who are ages 1-2 for toddlers, 3-5 for preschool, 6-8 for early childhood, or even 9-12 for preteens. 

‚ÄčThere targeting options are available and then some!

Say you paid for an ad on a school review site. You're appealing to a small audience that will be searching for schools in you area. This is a good start.

That said, you're still not sure who is seeing your ad. Do more men than women visit the site? Do they trend younger or older?

With Facebook, there's no guessing about who your ads are reaching (we'll explain this more in a moment). Facebook's demographic are built right into the platform.

By clicking a person's profile page, you know their full name, gender, and general location. You can sometimes dig even deeper, learning their marital status and occupation.

This all comes in handy when creating your Facebook Ads.‚Äč

Targeted Ads for Your Various Demographics

Now that you know the demographics of your audience, it's time to create targeted ads that speak to these people.

We mentioned above that more women than men tend to do convert better. That doesn't mean that men don't convert at all, though. Schools may want to make two sets of ads: one that appeals to women and one that appeals to men.

From there, you can branch off even further. Based on occupation information, which you can guess which members of your audience are higher-income. You can then create two more ads: those appealing to the more affluent group and those for the middle-class group.

You can even make location-specific ads. If you're a school based in Los Angeles, California, you can make an ad for those of your audience who live and work in Los Angeles.

The best part? You don't need to buy an expensive program to do all this. Facebook Ads includes ad targeting right on the platform.

As you design your ad, you can choose which demographic you'll target. Custom targeting is also available. That makes it easy to make as many ads as you need to reach your whole audience.

Retargeting, Retargeting, Retargeting.

One of the biggest reasons we recommend Facebook is it's retargeting feature.

You can advertise to anyone who has visited any pages on your website or landing pages linked to your website and typically at a fraction of the cost you'd usually pay for.

Retargeting is so important because you can advertise to a warm audience using different messaging, depending on actions they've done, links they've clicked, or pages they've visited.

A perfect example, which is a campaign we run for many of our school partners, is to retarget people who've clicked on a 'Scheduling School  Tour' button on the website, but hadn't followed through in scheduling the appointment completely. 

They've shown that they are interested in our school with that action so we can modify our messaging to them appropriately.

We can then run a retargeting advertising campaign asking why they haven't schedule the school tour yet.

You'd be surprised at the answers you get!

A warm audience that's already familiar with your school is usually the cheapest and easiest to convert into enrollments, and retargeting is one of the best ways to make that happen.

Built-in Analytics to Track Results in Real Time

Okay, so you worked hard on your ads. You've targeted them according to your audience.

You invested some money, and you think it will pay off. Now you wait, right?

No. There's no need to sit around and wait for emails and phone calls to start rolling in. You can track the success of your campaigns from the start with analytics.

Facebook has its own analytics built right in. These are free to use, and they're pretty detailed, too.

What do you want to know about your campaign? Here's what you can track using Facebook's analytics:

  • Conversion rates
  • Revenue
  • Sales funnel conversion rates
  • Most importantly, ROI!

After a few weeks, though we recommend a few months as it will give you more data, you can get a clear picture of which ads are leading to the most conversions.

Do some of your ads need to be more targeted? Are some of them too specific and exclusive, so they need to be less targeted? Let the analytics be your guide.

And Our Last Reason Schools Should Use Facebook Ads...Huge Reach

We already discussed this above, but it certainly bears repeating. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there. It has millions of users.

Every day, more people sign up on Facebook. Even though the social media platform has existed for more than a decade, its popularity has only increased over the years.

By combining your Internet ads with Facebook Ads, you could reach millions and millions of people.

Does that mean all of them will convert? No, of course not. That said, you never know who knows someone who may be interested in your school.

The more people you can reach, the better the chances of someone scheduling a school tour or signing up for enrollment, which leads to more revenue to grow your school!


As a school, you're appealing to a limited audience. To find that audience, it's recommended you use Facebook Ads.

Although these ads aren't free, they're incredibly useful. You can use Facebook's demographics information to segment your audience.

Then, you can create ads that are specific to that audience segment. That will lead to higher engagement. You can do this as many times as you need.

To track the success of your campaign, you can use the built-in analytics included on Facebook. These clue you in on which of your audience segments responded best to your ads.

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